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Are you developing your own brand and looking to take the next step and have the labels custom printed with your own branding? Lets face it ... if you are retailing out your designs you can't beat having the neck labels reflect your brand identity rather than that of one of the major mills.

LogoDogz Printz has developed the program and invested in the necessary equipment to make your printed label needs easy and affordable.

We have divided all the products on our site into the following three categories.

Tearaway Tags

custom tshirt

A handful of manufactures are now offering some products with tearaway tags. These garments come with a typical tag in the neck line identifying the product and size but the label is constructed in a way that the tag can be easily removed without leaving behind any remants of the previous tag. These types of items are ideal for your custom printed tag needs. We have placed these types of garments in the category "Custom Label Products" and also identify them with "Tearaway Tag" identifying icon on the product description page. We can easily print your custom tag on these products. The pricing for this service is just the cost of an additional print location.

Cutaway Tags

custom shirt

The vast majority of items in the marketplace will fall into this category and are identified on our site with the above identifying icon on the product description page. These products can be custom printed with your own tag however there are a few considerations to take into mind. The main point to consider with these types of garments is that the original tag has to be cut away. The only way to do this without leaving any trace of the previous tag is to rip the seam, remove the tag, and resew the neckline.

LogoDogz Printz is proud to offer this service at very reasonable prices. The cost of printing your own custom labels on products in this category will consist of the cost of the additional print location and a small additional fee for the clean removal of the previous tag as well as resewing the neck line. This additional fee is $0.25 per unit for orders under 249 pieces and $0.15 for orders over 250 pieces.

Manufacturer Printed Tags

Items with a manufacturer printed tag are not suitable for your own custom labeling needs. The only way to work with these items is to imprint over the existing tag. We have found this to be problemeatic as it frequently reduces the design options for your custom label. Another problem with this type of garment is that it requires a pretty substantial ink deposit to "cover" the existing tag. Thru extensive trial and error we have found that screen printing over the tags in these types of garments do not provide the level of quality that we are satisifed with.

Overall Considerations

Couple of additional things to consider in the development of your custom printed tags would be the fact that the printed tag will typically need include the size of the garment. Remember that the original tag is being removed so you need to put the size somewhere right? We do not charge extra for preparing the additional screens necessary to print the multiple size indicators as may be necessary in your order. Finely, special care needs to be taken in the design of the tag so that the design is not too dense. If the design is overly dense the ink deposit will be greater and the design can potentially show thru the back of the shirt too much. There is a fine balancing act that needs to take place in this regards.

The art department at LogoDogz Printz will be happy to work with you on designing the perfect custom printed tag to fit your brand identity.

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